Range Day #2

It is May 8, 2022. I get to the range at about 10:30 and to my surprise, it was empty. Just me. I set up my 4 Shoot-N-C targets for position #1 on the 100 yard range and let ‘er rip. I fired 60 rounds of Federal Gold Medal Match with the 175 grain Sierra Matchking. 20 round at the left target and three 10 shot groups at the remaining 3 targets. I’m using a forward bag and the rifle butt is in my shoulder, no support. The grip on the rifle is very large and I need to change it.

Best of the day.

I think I have the scope mostly sorted. I had to move it forward to get the mount for the brass catcher on the picatinny rail.

After I was done with the AR-10 I went over to have some fun with the AR-15. I haven’t zeroed this one yet, nor did I care. I set some silhouettes on the 50 yard range and pretty much mag-dumped 80 of the M855 green tips off-hand. I made some rough adjustments on the Red-Dot just to keep it on paper.