Range Day #1

I’ve been waiting for this day for a couple of years. You see, back in ’19, before the coof hit, I had purchased a couple semi-automatic rifles. One was an ArmaLite AR-10 (AR103GN13) in .308 and the other was a BCM AR-15 (780-750). I was beginning to obtain ammunition, optics, and the essential accessories as the local shooting ranges were closing down. Hooray!

After about a year and a half of this nonsense, I started researching the shooting ranges in the area. What a disappointment. First, the range across town, that had been there forever, had run afoul of the local building inspectors and had been shutdown indefinitely. The second closest range has a NRA membership requirement, deal breaker, and they had a waiting list anyway. Further research into ranges to the south and east, Tacoma, Puyallup, revealed that nearly all were at their membership limits or you needed to have a sponsorship of a current member or some other qualification just to pay the money and start shooting. Another disappointment.

Which lead me, eventually to the Jefferson County Sportsmen Association, just south of Port Townsend, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. It’s 44 miles north and across the Hood Canal Floating bridge. At least they are taking members. I sent in my membership dues and arranged for the orientation walk-through.

Orientation Day is Here!

It was a Monday at noon when 3 others and I met with Rangemaster Erin. We had a comprehensive walk through as Monday’s are gun fire restricted. JSCA has a 3 station trap range, an archery range, 40 yard pistol range with 3 separate bays, a 50 yard rifle/pistol range, and a 100 yard rifle range. On Tuesdays, Fridays, and the first Sunday of the month, a 200 and 300 yard firing position open up for a Long Range Shoot. The remaining pistol/rifle firing lines are closed as the 200/300 firing positions cover the access to those ranges.

Finally, let’s get shooting!

It’s May 1, 2022. The first Sunday of the month so it’s Long Range Shoot between 10am and 12pm. There’s three other guys there on the 300 yard line. So I just say hello and introduce myself. They are about done so we open up the range. I setup down a position 1 and start in with the AR-10 and some Federal Gold Medal Match with the 175 grain Sierra Matchking.

Total disaster.

The first 20 shots aren’t even on the 12″ Shoot-N-C. One of the guys tries to spot but he can’t really tell where the bullets are going. And somewhere in all of this, the scope came loose.

Back to the beginning.

So, we head over to the 50 yard range and setup at 25 yards to bore sight the scope. Holy cow, it was way off! Once we had it zeroed at 25 with a couple shots in the X, we headed back to the 100 yard range. Alright, now we were at least on the target. After a couple of adjustments we were consistently in the 10 ring. Still just a couple of minutes (inches) high. What a pain in the ass.

Shot count was 70, and the shoulder is feeling it.

Thanks to the guys, that are apparently JCSA board members. You are awesome with the assist.

Range-1 10 shot group
Best of the day.